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Mahmoud Akhal photographer
© 2020 Mahmoud Akhal
About Me

Photography became my passion when I started borrowing my grandfather’s camera during summer holidays. As soon as I saved enough money, I decided to invest in my own camera and started carrying it wherever I went.

My profession helped me travel around the world and explore the different part of this amazing planet. Growing up in Qatar, graduating in Lebanon and working in Norway then France, I got exposed to a diversity of cultures, lifestyles, architectures and sceneries. My lense is my brush that paints scenes of beauty, character, and expressive feelings.


With years of practice, I managed to organize my own exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon and to publish my first book: Lebanon, A Journey of Splendor. This publication was a tribute to my homeland Lebanon.

Travel and photography have become part of my journey to see the world in a new way and I’m pleased to share some of my experiences with you through this website.

Each photo has its own story and I hope you'll fall in love with them as much as I did.

Books and Publications

Lebanon, A journey of Splendor 

Editor: Dar Lubnan 2007

Press releases
In Paris, Lebanese views on the civil war intersect

ARAB NEWS June 2, 2021: 'The war, he lived it from afar, and only saw up close the scars after the fact, the scars left on the buildings of the country. His photographs of architectural details, doors, windows in old-fashioned colors, exude a certain nostalgia. “I want to show the beauty of Lebanon,” he said." ...

The Lebanese civil war transposed to the heart of Ménilmontant

L'ORIENT LE JOUR June 2, 2021: "Through different media, six Lebanese artists offer, in the Ménil'8 gallery in Paris, an innovative aesthetic angle on the history of their country…."

Donations and Auctions
Anta Akhi France 2021 Fund Raising Event

ANTA AKHI December 1, 2021 : I had the honour of donating one of my silver photos to the Anta Akhi France association, which auctioned it off during its gala dinner on Wednesday 1 December 2021 at the Buddha-bar in Paris. The photo was sold for 300€.


Anta Akhi is a community of volunteers who work to improve the daily lives of young adults with disabilities in Lebanon, and which Oeuvre d'Orient supports!

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