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The Season Has Changed, Autumn Now Reins

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Autumn also known as fall in North Americas one of the most fascinating season where the trees and nature start to turn into warm colours such as yellow, orange, red, and brown. Marking the transition from summer to winter, September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere), this season gets to be celebrated in its own ways and in different part of the world. A well-known and popular event is Halloween in the Americas.

Discovering Autumn around the World

Dreaming of pumpkins, caramel apples, turkey and mashed potatoes? It’s finally autumn, a favourite season to many who enjoy the fun foods, festivities, and a cooler weather. Here are my 3 reasons why autumn is one of the best seasons, and why there’s much to be happy about this time of year.

1. Changing Colors

Many people love autumn for the colour changing of leaves. Trees that were once green explode into beautiful hues of gold, red, and orange. The colours are especially breath taking in places like the United States, Europe mainly in Portugal, Germany, France, and Slovenia, and Japan inspiring many people to travel to these spots to be part of this phenomenal transformation of nature.

2. Chiller Weather

After the intense heat of the summer, it can be a relief when it finally starts to cool down. Starting in September, the warm days start to give way to cool, crisp nights. After months of fans and air conditioning, the beginning of autumn often ushers in cooler breezes allowing you to finally keep the windows open and stroll the streets with leaves dropping from the air.

3. Holidays

Autumn is full of holiday festivities around the world, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest, Dia de Los Muertos, and many more. Autumn holidays are particularly enjoyable because of the wonderful meals, tasty treats, extravagant costumes, and rich colours that go along with the celebrations.

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